Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Laptop Cover

Had to take a break from the quilt top today because my daughter, Erica, asked me to help her make a case for her laptop. She had been thinking and talking about it for a while so it was just time to get it done. We make a pretty good team. She chose the fabric and talked me through the design she wanted. The chair and sofa fabric came from Etsy for a steal.

I figured out the measurements and did the cutting. We both sewed and pressed.

She loves it and so do I. We're going to do a bit more work on the closure. Right now it has a velcro strip to keep it closed. The flap corners stick up a bit too much so we're either going to change the flap so that it angles in more like an envelope or we're going to add an elastic closure that wraps around the entire case.

I have a thing for fabric with chairs on it. Not only did we get the sofa print in red, but in purple, too. There were enough scraps from all of it to make yet another cute something.

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