Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zipper ornaments

I've been seeing lots of zipper crafts and have been wanting to try some for myself, and possibly for the shop. Indygo Junction has some really cute zipper patterns and I love how they made ornaments out of them. They also have packages of zipper tape in assorted colors that is perfect for their projects. I ordered one of each to try and here are the partially completed results. I think they're cute.

They still need to have hangers attached. I like the look that is on the pattern but I'm not sure how secure they will be over time. The pattern suggests hot glue which is not something I'm fond of using. It would be okay for a temporary bond but I'm determined to figure out a way to securely sew them.

These will look good with some of the other ornament ideas that are in the works. These pattern and ribbon packs will be showing up at the shop soon.

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